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A couple of Ribbon bars

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Hallo all, after a trip to Riga, Latvia I found this.

OPW 1 + OPW 2 + Red Star + Red Star + Military merit + Lenin 100 year

Victory + 1945-1965 + 1945-1975 + 1945-1985 + Kiev 1300 years

Red Army 1948 + RA 1958 + RA 1968 + RA 1978 + Ls 20 year + LS 15 year

Could anyone say anything about this guy? Rank ?

Found it on a fleamarket for 15 $


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I've never seen pinbacks on sew on ribbons.

Both are in correct precedence. The one thing that disturbs me is that there is no Veteran of the Armed Forces Medal for 25 years active duty. The combination suggests a GENERAL, yet with a wartime OPW2 and TWO wartime Red Stars, joined 1942 or later (did not have 15 years time in by December 1956)... and was NOT entitled to a VAF? Still on active duty and NOT retired-- in 1985?

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