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Yes, Paul. They must "protect The State against unauthorized claims," you horrid person you. :shame:

So that Some Bright Tomorrow-- many hundreds of years and scores of generations as yet unborn from now... a millenium of pursed-lipped bureaucrats paid for centuries of lifetimes of State-pensioned non-cooperation can tell some Future Horrible Paul that...

all those records slavishly preserved so that nobody could ever look at them...

were all destroyed in the Privacy Protection Purge of 2273.

That way, NOBODY will ever know ANYTHING from the Vital Secrets of ...

the 1890s. :speechless:

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Well, THERE you go, you blatant pension fraudster trying to pass as the Oldest Living Herero-Hottentot War Widow AGAIN, you! :angry:

The 190-0s! Jeeeee-Zus! Can't be letting just ANYBODY have a simple Ja or Nein from records from 19-freakin-0h-7! The entire integrity of the State System would be permanently compromised!!!! :banger:

Next thing, sniff, you'll be wanting to know who won The Great War To End All Wars-- and where would all THAT end? Why, they'd have to take time out from 40 year paid coffee breaks and actually go look in file cabinets for SCUM like you!!!!!!!!!!!!! :speechless:

As a researcher and archivist myself, all I can say is that when my colleagues are good, they are very very good-- but when they are bad, they are USELESS. The mentality which would rather compose snotty denials than "do," which regards their sole purpose in life the BLOCKING of access to Pointlessly Guarded "Secrets" ...


Official Sanctimony is always the first refuge of a bipedal waste of the public treasury. :violent:

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Hello readers.

From my own recent ( 2007) experience asking for the records of three of my uncles of whom my godfather was killed in Italy on 15.Apr. 1945 I received a similar answer. It was requested by the WAST to furnish authorisations from "Erbberechtigten" ( survivors who are entitled to an inheritance) Now there are :

-1. no survivors of one;

-2: all over the world;

-3. who knows.

By contrast: R.K.T. W. Hund was provided with his service records via a good internet correspondent from the US National Archives. They reached him shortly before his deat. He informed the helpful person that his requests for his own records were refused by the Bundesarchiv.

Bernhard H. Holst

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