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Dear forumites,

As I am known to be a freak medal bar collector I followed the auction of the here under shown medal bar... it reached Eur 1'121!!! :speechless: Wow... If I add the single value of all medals including also the miniatures I don't even arrive on Eur 500.-. I bid 500.- Euros and was almost worried to get it, because I thought I overbid! Right now I am quite releaved not to have followed this madness, although it's really a nice small un-identfiable bar...

Your takes on it???



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I had my eyes on this one as well. The matching unofficial date bar in enamel on both bars was extremely interesting. Beyond this, I cannot explain the fantastic rise by over 600- Euro in the bidding in the last 10 minutes other than the fact that at least two people wanted this bar very, very much!

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if there are two+ people who desire it bad enough then it will be reflected

in a bidding war, after all thats the purpose of an auction :P

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

Half a year ago I was bidding 1400 Euro on a bar and mini-chain (see pics) :speechless: There was a bill to the mini-chain giving a name of a Dr. to this bar. But also with that identification I was sure to get this bar. It goes to another maniac for 1.500 Euro + 22% = 1.830 Euro :speechless1:

With regards, Komtur.

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well, since this is an area I tend to watch very closely.

I know that I am reguarly biding against several collectors

who will pay anything to win if they decide they want it

most of them only bid snipe, and only in the last 10 minutes

I have watched what happens when 2 or more set

outrageous bids planning on winning - even common items

fortunately this type of collector tends to go away after a while

unfortunately someone usually comes to take their place

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