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I want to share with you all some insignia that just arrived today. I would be floored to find a tunic badged with any of this insignia!!

This first photo is of the entire ranking table of Civilian LW Fire Service shoulder boards. The strange ones with the carmine and silver cords, I have not a clue as to what they could be.

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This next photo contains:

upper row from the left:

LW Field Police Oberst board

Pre 1938 Band Leader Official, NCO, to a flight unit!

lower row, from the left:

Judicial Sonderfuhrer(Wartime Official), High Grade Career

A set of Obermeister tabs with the Air Traffic Control, pre 02Nov1940 configuration.

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Thanks Ulsterman!! I got these from a forum member! They were not cheap and I had to sell some things to get them. Wait until you see what is coming!! It is not considered grandiose by most, but it should blow some socks off of some LW collectors!

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The orange Oberst is a match for Gendarmerie (Police).

I've never seen luftwaffe tabs with metal wreath and the 3-cornered admin "pips" before-- were such metal insignia standard from that pattern?

Thanks Rick! There could not have been that many LW Gendarmerie Obersts! I know that this waffenfarbe was incorporated into the LW in Jun43.

Yep, the metallic pips and wreath were used up until 1938, on the first pattern Air Traffic Control Officials tabs. This is the only set of these I have seen. They boards would have had the red nebenfarbe with the light green base color. I have never seen any of those boards, either. I bet that these tabs and boards would look really sharp on a LW blau tunic!

Thanks Nesredep

You are right Larry... I definitely need to move on that tab, now that things have quieted down a bit!!

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Gendarmerie Meister


Thanks Larry,

I understand what you are saying. The Gendarmerie branch color was more of a burnt orange(if I am remembering correctly). The shoulder board is a very viberant orange. It does not match any of the Gendarmerie boards I have seen.

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