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Carsten Zeige Auction results

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have you guys seen the result of the last Carsten Zeige Auction. The Lenin tractor version sold for $100 000 + buyer's premium. Have a look here at the other interesting orders that have been sold.


Dear Bryan,

many thanks for reminding us :cheers: .

The Tractor-Lenin was sold for EUROs and not for (cheap) USD :rolleyes: .

I list some results in USD including buyers premium and VAT.

Zeige showed strange results (and strange items) in the military-hero-section:

- one HSU wasn't sold at all

- another HSU went away - rather cheap - for about USD 6000,-

- a Glory 1cl went away for about USD 4300,- :speechless:

As I already posted here at GMIC, I am not happy with all 3 items :( .

Some other results within the "normal" market-trend:

- Tractor-Lenin almost USD 200000,- :speechless1:

- (ordinary) Screwback-Lenin almost USD 16000,-

- (normal) Lenin almost USD 3000,-

- RB#2 USD 3000,-

- Suvorov 2cl USD 31500,-

- Kutuzov 2cl USD almost USD 22000,-

- Nevsky type 3 (!) USD 4350,-

- (ordinary) OPW 1cl USD 1100,-

Another three rather strange items:

- Uzhakov-Medal USD 630,-

- Nakhimov-Medal USD 590,-

- Meritorious Pilot of the CCCP USD 590,-

Zeige's website is also in Russian language ;) .

Best regards :beer:


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I'd have wanted to see those items close up. As you say, Christian, some looked uncertain. Zeige has always had a flexible attituide toward the real/fake threshold, and the more distant you get from their zone of knowledge . . . .

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