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Hi folks,

here is a nice ribbon-bar (old style) with an interesting owner.

But without the name it?s impossible to identify...

What can you see?

-red eagle order 4th class

-red cross medal Prussia 2nd class

-long service medal

-red cross medal Prussia 3th class

-house order Lippe-Detmold 4th / 3th class :speechless1:

What does it tell about the owner?

Okay, it?s a non-combatant from Lippe, surely a doctor....

And who was it?

Prof. Dr. Ing. August Borchard, born in Lemgo/Lippe on 4th July 1864 (died in 1940).

Borchard was "Medizinalrat" and "Generaloberarzt" in Berlin and a famous surgeon.

He wrote the book "Lehrbuch der Kriegschirugie" in 1917, a famous book. ("textbook of the war-surgery").

Okay, that sounds quite interesting...but now a rarity:

Borchard got the LDH4a in 1908.

In 1913 he got the officer?s cross Lippe-Detmold (the former 3th class) :catjava:

But in 1918 he got the officer?s cross with swords!!! :speechless1:

I?m quite sure, that he got the swords for his book, helping doctors in the field-lazareth.

I?m sorry...I only got his ribbon-bar...I have no idea, if these very nice crosses still exist...

Hope you like it, too....

Best regards


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