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the Originals, Yes, they are more rear. If you loke on Photos often you can see the metal badges, but not so often you see the cloth badge.

But it is more difficult to make a distinction between original and fake.

But show us your cloth badges

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i think both looking good, is the second version a underlay version ?

Can you look between the Paper and the cloth ? In my underlays is: felting, netcloth, a piece felting, second piece felting and than the last netcloth.

Has the underlay version at the back paper ?

If i could choose i would choose the second one. He seems to be worn.

The first one look to new, the Pilots buy the clothversion to wear and to save theier metal badges. Is it right no time it was stichted ?

What do you feel ? If you had in the hand ?

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I believe both are originals. The stitch density of the embroidery around the wreath and eagle for both are consistent with known originals I've seen. Eventhough the PO is new in condition, I'm comfortable with it.

The pilot badge is 3 layers: Felt layer which holds the embroidery, fibrous cheesecloth (or maybe what you call netcloth), and then paper back layer. There may be more layers in toward the center but I can not see them. The badge was at one time attached to something.


PS. Now for one I'm not sure about!

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The embroidery for this badge sits very high. It is 3 layered again: Felt which hold the embroidery of the badge, felt padding, soft cheesecloth back material. Since this and the previous pilot badge I showed are single color badge, maybe they are only found in 3 layers of material?

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steve k i mean fibrous cheesecloth.

sorry for my bad english

I believe yours third abzeichen looks also quite good. Even if it is unusual a little bit what concerns the front, but, nevertheless, the back looks, actually, quite good. Does it feel old? Has looked sometimes in old pictures, however, I could not discover your variation.

But perhaps another collector has a picture with this variation ?

By the way, I must improve, the base passes with mine both of three positions felt material and not from only two positions.

Eric: Your badges are all very rare variations and I have never seen pictures on those them were carried, therefore I would be very careful. Although there has been supposedly the sail pilot badge in material.

If I exactly do not know from which spring it comes I would strongly doubt their genuineness. The badges 3 and 4 are from the same design and for me fakes. Because they are really ugly, acts to me suffer for the choice of words. If you have them from a reduction, then OK.

Your jumper could be OK, but one should also be able to see the back. If you time have poste, nevertheless, sometimes the backs of your other badges

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