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New ribbon bar with something from Reuss

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Hi all,

I got yesterday new ribbon bar what looks very nice!

Is it right: the owner was 1WW vet, who got EK2 and probably Reuss merit medal (is it possibal to say regarding the swords is it golden or silver?). Or can it be even Honor cross?? Is it possible to say was the owner NCO or officer?

Then 30s he got Hindenburg cross and active service during 2WW because KVK2 with X and two Wehrmacht LS awards. Is it right that during 2WW Wehrmachtbeamters didnt got army LS awards?

Ribbon bar packing is grey.

Any extra information and ideas would be great! :jumping:


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Hard to say. What colors are the Wehrmacht long service eagles-- if you look at the edges where the finish did not wear, that might be more accurate.

Wehrmacht long service awards ceased being processed in 1940, as of service time in 1939. Beamten were just as eligible as everybody else.

BUT-- holders of the former Imperial era military long service awards who went back into the Wehrmacht for WW2 "updated" their old long service awards for the new ones. So this could have been a former career NCO with an XII Years Service MEdal who changed it to the Wehrmacht 12 and 4.

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OK. That almost certainly makes this an officer's bar. There WERE a few-- a very very few--career NCOs with that amount of service time on active duty, but 25 is far more likely a career officer's group. 18 and 4 silver eagles might still have been either an officer or a long service NCO, and 12 and 4 would definitely have been no identification help as a clue.

So.... 25 years BY 1939 means having joined the army no later than 1914. While it is possible that a 1916 Leutnant might only have had a Medal or Merit Cross from his home state, I'd say this is more likely a Reuss Honor Cross 4X for a Leutnant.

25 years continuous service might have been in the Reichsheer OR in the Polizei under the Weimar Republic and then back into the army.

Since there is only a WW1 pair here, no way to narrow down a list of suspects.

But what you have is now likely the ribbon bar of a WW2 Oberst.

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