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I bought this bar a while back and this weekend I plan to take out my old 1932 Reichsheer 'housewife thread set" and restore this bar.

The first medal is obvious and easy to sew in place (I think).

However, I am wondering about the medal in third place. My original thought is that it was a centennial medal. However, given the slight 'orangish' cast to the ribbon, I am wondering if it might be a Baden Verdeinst medal on the civil band.

I would suppose given the Baden precedence that it would argue for it being the civil merit medal, yet we know from photos that the Prussian Centennial medal was sometimes/often placed in chronological order, ahead of the 1902 Jubilee medal.

Respectfully, what do you all think i should do?

What medal should I sew in to restore this bar?

I would be grateful for your opinions and reasonings thereunto.



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I would agree that the small silver verdeinst medal would be more appropriate. If a Centennial medal was tied into the fold it will not hang in appropriate alignment with the rest of the bar.

Also, is that a white thread sewn into the yellow ribbon? About level with the top of the "F" on the medal to the left? If so, further confirmation for me that a Centennial medal wouldn't fit. Or it could just be a piece of fuzz.

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Ah, you bought that bar ... ;)

It's for an Centennial for sure. Stogieman, what small silver merit medal are you refering to? The silver merit medals are huge - and out rank the long service award. The precendece here may have a mistake as a Baden NCO should wear the Baden 1902 medal in front of the Prussian 1897 - unless he made it to an officer's rank, then this precendece would be fine. Possible he made that? I don't know ...

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