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For those with any real interest in the awards of the Frontiersmen I do have a quite large archive of images of their awards. Not too many images of medal groups though, so if others have group images I would be pleased to see them

Over the past century of their existance such a lot of their early history has been lost which is a very great pity, even any complete records of early members do not exist.

I realise that people keep using the old line that the Legion is a rather outmoded and dated group and that there appears no real use for them in society. Problem is that society has changed so much over the years and especially the past twenty or so. Originally, in the Days of Empire there was a use for this type of organisation in could be called intell gathering, but in todays world people are so intent on capitalism and this includes the fact that in most parts of the world there is no such thing as a weekend anymore as everyone is working all sorts of odd hours. eople do not have the time to take an active part in a group like this.

In todays world there seems to be every sort of wonderful group of near-do-wells that purport to want to assist this person and that person for this disorder or that mindset etc. There are groups for nearly everything today.

Computers are a large part of the lives of many these days and in many ways intell gathering can be done from ones armchair without a nead to 'go into the field' anymore

In saying this it has been found that the Legion has to reorganise so as to go ahead into an uncertain future, a future that is moving at such a fast pace that it may soon be impossible for people to keep up with let alone develop a group of people to have a common goal

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From forum member rumjar (looks like he's got scanner problems), a great photo of a post WWI Frontiersman, complete with 1914 / 1914 - 15 Star trio - at first glance a "Mountie" but the insignia are t

One wonders how a much respected organisation at the turn of the century can become so debased overtime. Articles on the L.of.F. did appear in St.Georges Gazette the regimental journal of the Northumb

I do hope that this GMIC threat will NOT turn into another episode of the arse forum's 200+ pages of sick, mindless, one sided drop kicks at the LOF. Remember this is a GENTLEMAN'S group

Posted Images


Reflecting circumstances & attitudes of their time:

"Should a white man arrive......"

"A white man is bound to share his last bite and sup with any whte man in need......"

"In countries under comic-opera government, a white man must be rescued from prison, and Brtish-American element are one nationality".

It's a little perturbing to learn that in South Africa it's considered acceptable "to interfere with a man's horses while he handles himself while able to stand".

"Should your guest be an outlaw, commit no breach of hospitality".

Some of the games - shooting turkeys in the head, picking up chickens buried up to the neck in sand.....

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........Edgar Wallace.........

"Edgar Wallace christened Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace was born 1st April 1875 to actress Polly Richards. He was adopted at the age of nine days, by Billingsgate Fish porter Dick Freeman.

He began his working life on Fleet Street at the age of eleven selling newspapers at Ludgate Circus. During his life he wrote many bestsellers. He made millions and yet when he died he owed millions. His books have been in print almost constantly since his death".

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I started looking at this category on the frontiersmen and thought it should be really interesting and that I could find some more tidbits to go with the book I am doing, on " The Legion of Frontiersmen - Their Badges & Medals & Other Memorabilia ". The book would cover all the countries [conlonies] where they were organized. I have hundreds of pictures I have been collecting for years now. For me to load up on pics on the forum would defeat the purpose of me doing a book. I have a couple of very nice groups in my collection but will download pics of soom others. I would appreciate any help provided and if material or pics used will give credt to contributors.

Butt :off topic: to get back to the topic I wanted to speak about, it really seems a waste of time to argue about it or start printing hundreds of pages of a book [of which you could find in any organizational booklet] and wasting time as I thought the forum was to provide useful information for collectors to help them in their collecting interests rather than turn them away. thank you

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I'm sorry you're disappointed at not finding more interesting tidbits on this thread to put in your book.

The Legion appears to excite debate due to its branching over the years into what are claimed to be "respectable" & less respectable factions, some of which seem far removed from the original concept. Perhaps they are now completely seperate organisations or clubs with completely different functions?

I was'nt aware that the pages of the pocket book that I've posted were available for perusal in "any organisational booklet" still - unless you mean any original old booklet - which the majority of GMIC members won't have access to & probably no more than a passing, if any interest in.

Personally I find them interesting as at least one other member of the forum appears to.

At least they helped breath a little more life into the thread although it could be argued that if more posts from the booklet are made, they'd be better off in their own thread.

I feel that posting such pages is valid in the circumstances & if there were'nt images of the pages, which are from an original booklet which belonged to an identifiable member of the Legion, M. S. H. Montagu,there would be less to look at on this thread.

The contents of the pages perhaps help to show that the original Legion was'nt just a group of "Walter Mittys" who played dress up & gave each other fantasy gongs but had a patriotic & adventurous "Ray Mears side".

This is GMIC, we discuss & learn about our main interests & others, it's not set up as a super reference tool for prospective authors, & again I'm sorry - that you feel I or we are wasting your time & turning collectors away.

Your contribution to the thread (which I assume could be considerable) is so far limited to criticism of those who have posted & statements of disapointment that the thread is not "really interesting", lacks "tidbits" of use to your prospective publication, is a "waste of time", has told you stuff that you can find "in any organisational booklet", is "wasting time" again, does'nt "provide useful information" & is turning collectors away.

And although you apparently know enough to right a book, you're not sharing your stuff with us.

Thank you for your advertisment & further contribution, carefully worded as it is to encourage discussion & avoid upset & argument.

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From forum member rumjar (looks like he's got scanner problems), a great photo of a post WWI Frontiersman, complete with 1914 / 1914 - 15 Star trio - at first glance a "Mountie" but the insignia are those of "The Legion".

NIce photo.

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