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Is it possible to research a name? If so please send the link this way as well. The bundesarchiv is impossible and I rarely get any information from them. I too have pieces with names in them and was wondering how to search for them. Thanks in advance.

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This particular one happens to be illegible-- a faded, worn scribble is a faded, worn scribble in ANY language.

:Cat-Scratch: "...names in them and was wondering how to search for them..."

Eez VERY easy:

post your uniforms, show CLEAR scan of the name tags ("looks like" does NOT work-- MUST have legible actual readable name tag), AND show what rank/branch the tunic is, given how many have been, ahem, "improved"). Quite often, a plain old fashioned black and white XEROX of a faded or worn name tag, scanned, will be easier to read than a rubbed fabric original. No name tag scan, no guarantee of accurate result. No accurate guarantee of result-- no point LOOKING. :rolleyes:

See the Personal Libraries thread in the personal research section

<a href="http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=688" target="_blank">http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=688</a>

for what we here online have to hand. Glenn has just found a never published manuscript typed Luftwaffe Seniority List from 1944 and he and Chris have turned up army seniority lists (unindexed, in the main, which will be a problem) from 1941-44.

Chris has just found RAD Seniority Lists from 1938 (I've typed it out down to Majors) and 1940, and I'm in the process of typing out Police Majors up 1941.

New sources turn up with amazing frequency because we are hunting them down, here. :catjava:

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