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Iron Division Medal Group

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SPLENDID SPLENDID SPLENDID !!!!!! :jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping:

I can only hope that you have GOT this and have not just unleashed a eBidding frenzy.

In the post this morning, and as we speak in my hot sticky little hands........nice group methinks

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more than nice.

I know it's early, but you're in the running for Best Of 2008.

This sort of weird White Russian/Baltic Civil War group is VERY hard to find intact. He'd have had a pinback Baltic Cross as well.

Given that there is ONLY Bermont-Avalov's White Russian Campaign Medal sandwiched between the two German Freikorps Medals... I'd say this Feldwebel/Offizier Stellvertreter also likely had one of the bandmaster "Prince"'s neck grade mock Tsarist Orders with Swords.

This really is an absolutely splendid Weimar era bar.

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I shall be only mildly more restrained than my twin. That is one of the rarest and unique groups I have seen in a very long time. Congratulations!

Gentleman I am honoured....ex bosley's auction but missed it, regimentals picked it up got it on the last update, (could you PM me for approx insurance value ?)

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By the way, I do not know if you have Wooleys' "German Uniforms and equipment 1918-23" but on pg. 43 you will see the Bavarian version of this bar that belonged to Policehauptmann Phillip @ 1923.

Ulster, thanks just found it, what the theory on this....EK2 1918, prewar service, war time double, Baltic service, died buggered of pre 1934

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Yes, career NCO with some years in before the war. Either died before 1934/35 or liked this so much he just mounted up a new bar without the unofficial trio. Might have cost less to buy a new EK2 1914 and XV than have stripped this bar back then.

Haven't a clue how to "value" this in money. Only that while groups like this were once by no means uncommon for Baltic Freikorps veterans, there are not many still intact around today. They often got away with continuing to wear the "official" looking mock Tsarist Orders, Crosses, and Medals but not these campaign medals.

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Did you know that the bar you have bought was once in the late Col. C.M. Dodkins Collection?

It's shown as item no. 362 in the Wallis & Wallis sales catalogue from 1987.

With the Dodkins provenance, you can probably double the estimate again.

You must be looking at ?1,500 GBP at least, in my opinion.

Well done.

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My (very poor) relation..........................

Robin, thanks for your kind words.....Having just retired from HMPS I have time on my hands to hunt these pieces :rolleyes: , it originally came from Bosley's when I missed out last year, I got it from Regimentals for ?450 GBP on Sunday........as far as I can find out its been the only complete (Iron division) group offered (apart from the ebay group) for some time, interesting enough Regimentals thought no one would buy it.....now all I need is a photo of him.....

PS What was the value when it was sold at Wallis

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Robin: Seeing reference to the Dodkins Collection sale in 1987--

this "Finnish" group (of approximately same "kaching") probably came from there as well-- if you'd flip through and see if it's in, for the lot number, would appreciate it for the attribution, since it came to live at my house in the early 90s. :beer:

It's got his horrid glued down :speechless::banger: stickers all over the back from 1964. I know that it's from his collection, but not when it left it. Came to me from Major Floyd-- and here we two are, still around after all these years. :rolleyes:

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The multi-generational inheritable nature of our addiction is important. Provenence provenence provenence.

Always nice to know "ex-XXX collection" (I have some with 3 or 4 named genealogical links back to The Greats). To know that XXX once fondled our guests . . . :jumping: .

But, then, some see these as mere investments, to be flogged whenever the "market" goes up . . . .

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Well, assuming I attain the statistical norm for my genes, mine will come On The Market in 2043... by which time 1987 will be Ancient History.

For me its all about the history, just read chapter 10 "The Baltic Campaign" of Nigel Jones book "Hitlers Heralds" and held the medals.......there is no price on this piece

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