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For the German speaker collectors


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What? You did't know the 'Frau' variation of the Oktyabr pin?

Here, it's not the description, but the item itself that is funny... I would call it the "All-Union Hairy-Bearded-Man Young Communist League" badge...

Yes, it`s fantasy. :D

Real badge:"The all-Union Lenin Communistic Union of Youth".

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It's the very rare "lapel miniature" too.

Here is the even rarer Real Photograph version. Ooooooooooooooooooooooo :catjava:

These "Little Angel Stars" make very nice Christmas tree decorations. :rolleyes:

It not imagination. :shame: Both badges shown present also refer to as you "October Children Badge" (Значок Октябрят). In middle person Lenin in youth is represented. :rolleyes:

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