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info on a German ID Tag

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Another of the odds and ends - I've never paid much attention to these until joining this forum. Now I'm curious about all kinds of stuff. Is this an ID tag, like a US dog tag?? If so, what's the wording and number? Obviously not very useful in identifying a KIA.

Anyone willing to give a short explanation on these things for those of us haven't a clue?

The wording is: Loschzug Liblar



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Yes it is a dogtag. When a soldier was KIA it was broken in half, half remained with the body and the other half went to records I believe. That one seems to me to be no good. The type seems wrong and it does not seem to have a name and unit mark which seems odd. I am no expert on these so don't cast it out till you hear from someone more knowledgeable, but I do know it is supposed to be a dogtag. Loschzug means fire brigade so what seems odd to me is that it is fire brigade "liblar" 26. I don't see how that would identify the man himself unless he had the number 26 as his personal ID number. I don't see why someone would counterfeit such an item but it just does not look good somehow.

Best, Sal

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Sal and Mr. Bean,

Thanks for the information on the tag. I was not familiar with it, but as it was with some old fire brigade related stuff...I couldn't leave it behind. The German fire brigade website is great. I'm going to brush up on my German and drop them an email. I'll post a follow up if I find out anything interesting.

???Are there any questions the members of this forum can't answer??? :beer:



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