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Prussian Medals Bar with Russian st. Anne medal

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Your medal bar with order of St.Anna medal is real cracker! :jumping:

Here is two my bars with hint of Imperial Russia:

Saxony medal bar with "Sa userdije" medal:


And bar with Order of St. Stanislaus ribbon:


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Very interesting material, Igor Ostapenko. A question and an observation, if I may.

Could you, or anyone else, provide information relative to the gentleman in post #2? The uniform that he is wearing appears to me to be that of some sort of royal (Prussian, I assume) household staff, like a chauffeur.

I agree with VtwinVince that the KVM is a spangenstueck. Also, I find it curious that the ribbon to the KVM is very worn while all other ribbons appear to be quite fresh, even the first two which I would think are more exposed to wear. Just an observation.

All things considered, a beautiful, and certainly unique, bar. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Best wishes,

Wild Card.

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I'm sorry , but this medals group not my !

( I post this group becouse of st. Anne medal & I think this group - LEGO ... )

I have only pain picture of Prussian and single st. Anne medal for foregners ...

From 1829 to 1911 yy. 2788 foregners NCO receive st. Anne medals ...

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