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French Modern ribbon bars


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I was at a local showon Sunday I bought these little bits of cloth because they brought to mind chris B's excellent article on his own ribbon bar (RE: "heretic" thread). :rolleyes:

I recognize the Medal Militaire and the National Service medal of course, but after perusing the OMSA site I am left wondering as to what and why the other two are. :unsure:

Also, the MM I thought was awarded rather infrequently, which makes me wonder. Still, you never know.

Also, can anyone help me obtain relevant and common bars for these?



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ah thankee-Jeff

Any thoughts on a possible bar of the nationals sevice medal?

What bar should/could be on the Algerian medal?

Is the volunteer service medal still awarded?

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A slight adjunct to Jeff's identifcation of the last French ribbon : it is indeed the Voluntary Service Medal ... for the bronze medal.

This decoration is similar to the British Efficiency Medal. It is awarded to members of Armed Forces Reserves after a minimum 10 years services, usually more since a yearly contingent is allowed.

The silver medal's ribbon has a white line along each edge and the "gold" has a typical French rosette on the silver grade ribbon



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... and some National Defence Medals' stuff, classes 1 - 3 :



P.S. Ulsterman : I'm off to a militaria sale in Paris on the 20th ... send me a PM on what you would like and I'll see what I can find ...

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