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I have been tabulating award dates for WW1 EKs, so far 607 awards taken into the stats...

We often hear that the EK was being thrown out in all directins at the end of the war... anyone want to guess which month is in the lead for the period 14-18? :-)



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Tricky question...

Officers were more apt to get an EK2 early on, while enlisted ranks generally were less liberally awarded I'd say until after the Somme and Verdun in 1916.

There's nothing unusual about, say, an EK2 to an officer in 1914-- but quite remarkable for any enlisted man that year.

Same thing with EK1s-- by 1916, your average Hauptmann would be getting one... but then an "average" enlisted man never did.

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Hi Rick,

true, true... but that is reaching a more complicated level.... I have taken 607 docs (Both classes) and done stats from them. A certain RickLs contribution was rather heavy on 1914 docs so it may have a slight effect on the overall stats, but overall I think they be as accurate as can be so far.

For anyone reading... who has any WW1 EK docs, please enterthe month and year in this thread and i will add them. I hope to get 1000 docs for the end result.

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Hello Chris,

I have one awarded to my wife's Grandad for a rearguard action he took part in during their retreat in October 1918.

I don't have it with me (I'm back home in England) but as far as I can remember, the award was for an action on Oct. 13th 1918. He was taken PoW the same day and received his EKI on his release in 1920 or 1921.


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You may have already done this, but have you talked with David Gregory? His rather extensive Milit?rpass and Soldbuch collection probably covers a fair number of EK award dates.


Hi Dave,

I have all his EK docs added in, have been hesitating with the books as it will contain a good % of "doubles" where the date is factored in because of the doc already being couinted.



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You guys are right about the scarcity of EM's EK 1's. My uncle, who held the EK 2 since 1915, was repeatedly recommended for the EK 1, especially after Verdun. I have a Feldpostkarte from the CO of his regiment, Oberst Koch, to my great-grandfather, essentially excusing the fact that his son hasn't received the EK 1 yet. It wasn't until the summer of 1918, after over 120 patrols as a pilot, that he finally got the bloody thing. On the other hand, his elder brother was the first EM in his regiment to win the EK 2, at the first battle of Ypres in November, 1914.

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HI Chris,

Here are mine,

10 mar 1917. EK2 Unteroffizier Ludwig Hesse Signed at Divisional level by a Generalleutnant. Full A4 size document

15 may 1918. EK2 Sergeant Paul Bliel 12 Komp IR230

Small Militarpasse sized document all typed out



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