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Daniel doesn't like it when I have Nothing To Do... so the scheduling has been moved forward for re-doing, improving, and adding data to the late Erhard Roth's out of print Baden Rolls (since I have most of the Rolls here-- horrific :speechless1: as the Z?hringen list is :speechless1: ) soooooo....

It would be much appreciated if you would all keep your eyes open for--in particular--birth and death data on (especially) recipients of wartime Z?hringen Lion Order holders who were NOT Generals. If possible, scans of Milit?rpass or Wehrpass entries for birth years and images and citations for death dates would be especially useful.

Birth data for Imperial navy, Bavarian and W?rttemberg REGULAR officers, and birth/death dates for flying personnel I've got on hand and simply have to add as I work through the thousands of entries.

Actual award documents for any grade of "BZ" from 1 June 1918 on would also be most appreciated, especially to fill in the illegible entries clustered between August and October 1918.

Military Karl Friedrich Order and Silver Medal holders, and Small Gold Merit Medals on the MKFVO Ribbon will also be included but NOT Silver Merit Medals on the MKFVO Ribbon.

This project is just starting, so I haven't even really started filling in missing data-- and correcting mistakes...

Guess what I'll be doing :speechless1: for the rest of 2008 waiting for the two Lippe awards rolls volumes to come out next? :catjava:

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Have finished dealing with naval, Saxon, and Reichsbahn recipients, and am almost done with Bavarians and W?rttembergers. THEN the :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1: work of going through the rolls themselves to add data Roth missed (like unit NUMBERS :banger: ) and try to account for the vast bulk of all the "Prussians."

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Daniel will be particularly pleased to see those ACTUAL award dates for the HOH3Xs and not their gazette dates from the MWB! :jumping::jumping::jumping:

Is there an officers death section? :cheers:

Typical of the endless back-and-forth comparisons needed with the damnable Prussian No First Names habit-- the Unteroffizier (Johannes) K?rber who got the Silver Medal of the MKFVO is indeed the SAME as the "Vizewachtmeister Johann" K?rber who got the Prussian GMVK. Endless, endless work.

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Not much too add right now but hope to find more - we don't have much paper... :blush:

The major von Freydorf who got a BZL3aX an Oct. 6th 1914 was a Rudolf, born 15. Oktober 1868 in Karlsruhe and died 18. Mai 1940 there. He's the same who got an BMKFVO, HOH3X etc.

Leutnant Mayer from IR 170 with BZL3bX was a Guido - that Guido who won also BMKFVO, WFO, LK.

Hmm, I just realized here's some more and data addet from the last time I vistited it - http://home.att.net/~ordersandmedals/MKFVO.htm

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Yup, already have them. :beer:

I've been filling in names from sources as wide as the Heldengedenkmappe (very nice for surviving brothers of dead vons) to the 1934 Reichsbahn senior administrators list, to Starke Verlag's genealogical volumes, to the 1944 Luftwaffe "A2" Seniority List that Glenn just found.

Evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery day, hours and hours of cross checking. I am still going through the List for the first time-- and it will probably take 20 passes through, ovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver and ovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver again to get things finalized. Merry Christmas! UGH!!!!!

Have you got anything that shows all the birthdates and (?) post-war death dates for MKFVO holders and the Z?hringen Verdienstkreuz a Bd d MKFVO?

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