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Latvian volunteer photo ?

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This photo recently came into my possesion and purports to show a Foreign Volunteer fighting with the German forces however there are a number of things which trouble me about the image and I would appreciate any comments.

The arm shield appears to be for Latvia but to my eye doesn't sit correctly on the sleeve, I've also never seen an arm shield on the camouflage jackets but that may just be my lack of knowledge.

The infantry assault badge also appears to sit wrongly and the size compared to the arm shield also makes me wonder.

The image is not clear enough to identify the shoulder straps or the two medal ribbons.

The photo is a reprint of an original and sadly the printing paper gives no clues as to age or origin.

I wonder if anyone has seen this photo before without the shield or badge and it has been retouched to add the Latvia connection.

Your thoughts Gentlemen please.

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I know what you mean, but if it's a bright silver colour, pinned through & dragging on the fabric of the garment as there would be no purpose added stitching loops for the pin?

Could be added to the negative or photo by hand - but the ribbons don't look as if they're added.

Even if added it's something sometimes seen on British photos, the addition of rank chevrons, medal ribbons & the like that the wearer was presumably entitled to but not at the time the photo was taken.

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The picture shown is that of a Latvian officer Sturmabnnfuhrer Fricis Mezgravis:

DOB- 21/3/1905

DOD- 1/10/1987

EK2- 27/6/1944

Served in the 3rd "Cesis" Police regt and later in the 34th Rgt 15th division.

I have seen this pictue in a book or two, but only the upper portion is shown so that you can see only the EK2 ribbon and his face of course. Is there any writing on the back?



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I thought it might be a copy.Anyway off hand the above picture features in "Par Zemi Ko Milam... Latviesu Dzelzskrustnieki " by Udo Sietins. The book is in Latvian, the title translates roughly as "For the Land we Love.. Latvian Iron Cross Winners". That's the only book I can think of at the moment, however it may also appear in a few other Latvian language titles I have in my possession.

All the best,


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