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Hohenzollern 1848/49 Bar & Romanian

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:love: That Rumanian one is weird-- can't pre-date the end of the 1870s, at earliest. So this guy must have been a court functionary with 30 some years of service, military and civil... and nothing from any German state to show for it?

That would NORMALLY suggest "awards moved off bar" to me-- except I think the Rumanian medal was given to NCO levels.,

Confused, but pleased to see a nice O-L-D bar like this.

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"awards moved up" was my first guess, too, but methinks the same that the Romanian is more likely a NCO level award, and if he was still in the military he had his brooch below on the breast, for how long whatever - still it doesn't seem he stayed at the military as he hasn't awards for 1864, 1866 or 1870/71 - but the 1864 ribbon is used on the backside, so one could date the bar in at least that times without knowing when the Romanian was awarded (I wouldn't have an idea on that, honestly).

I love bars with foreign awards in last place, I love bars that early, I love especially bars with Baden 1849 medal - and the 1861 Prussian coronation medal is as well something rather special on a bar.


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So, I also thought it was weird that he would have so much "time in" but nothing else from ANY state! either a short-lived NCO or "awards moved up" which might be a young officer.....I don't get to see many bars from this era, so much of this period is new to me, however I do like untouched bars, especially this early (saschaw -- i'm not tied to it, so I will earmark it for you).



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