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Strichtarn UTV Questions

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Forgive me if this info has all been posted before, but I cannot find answers on the board to a few questions.

1) How shall I properly refer to the strichtarn pattern camouflage uniform, as I realize that Strichtarn actually refers to the particular camouflage pattern. I have seen the acronym "UTV" used. If this is correct, what does it stand for?

2) Particularly in the last issue without shoulderboards, but with the rectangular rank patch on the left sleeve: Was the camouflage only worn over the service uniform or was it used as the US and others wear BDUs with only undergarments beneath?

3) Was the last version of (again I must use the US term) LBE with the more traditional web belt, not the nylon one, ever fielded?

Best Regards,


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Hi Robert,

1) UTV = Unter Truppenversuch (engl.: in troops experiment)

2) It was used as the US and others wear BDUs with only undergarments beneath.

3) Yes, but only some troop units wore it for testing.

I'll hope I could help. Soory for my bad english. But I'm German. :-)

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