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Suuigiyn Gombo


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Ed, could you pls place revers pictures for Soembo and Sukhabatar also?



Glad to be of service, Dima.

Will do the best I can to scan around the screw-posts. Obviously these things were not designed with scanners in mind!

1- Hero of Labor "Gold Soyombo" Medal -- #52, 1962 issue

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Are we reasonably certain that the unnumbered 1960 mystery award from his award book is, as Rick put it so well, the "Military (can't bring myself to translate something so obviously incorrect as "Combat") Red Banner Order"?

I am working on trying to get some degree of "research" done (thgrough the esteemed Dr. Battushig -- who I am trying to get to join the forum., but he has "Mongolian bandwidth")

And, oh yes, Grerd: Yes. ;)

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Looks that way from the list and Dave's translation. I bow to his extra-European knowledge of obscure languages, since mine own stops hard this side of the Urals!

(Didja notice how NOBODY else has come out of the world woodwork with Mongolian Orders Books, Ed? We are Soooooooo Alooooooooone! :unsure::o )

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Actually, I've started to see a quite a few Mongolian orders books on eBay the past couple of weeks - from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Sometimes the dealer indicates the award and it's serial number and sometimes not. The bad thing is that the books have been separated from their decorations so there's no 100% way of determining which variety of decoration to which the book belongs. This is especially troubling for the decorations from the 50's and 60's when there were quite a few transition pieces. Since I've been hardcore in Albanian material lately, I've not been really tracking these lately, but thought it's worth noting in any case...



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Assuming that these are not the usual eCrap camera shots taken in outer space through vaseline and are actually focussed enough to be able to READ :cheeky:

post links here on any that turn up so we can keep accumulating numbers/dates, OK? :cheers:

It won't help with TYPES, but it WILL help to know if Wuzzit #3500 was 1955 or 1978....

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Sure thing, Rick :cheers:

Here's what I could dig up on a quick search:

Order of Sukhebataar #1404 22 Oct 1980


Medal for Military Merit #2127 20 August 1951


Medal for Military Merit unnumbered 31 March 1987


Medal for Labor Honor unnumbered February 1977


Order of the Polar Star #4852 6 November 1956


Order of the Labor Red Banner #4688 no date specified


Order of Maternal Glory 2nd Class #195713 5 October 2000 (if I read the date right)


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Sorry for some mistake in translation...

Gombo Sugiin /born 1892 in Zheli province of China/. During Manzh-Go time shifted to Mongolia, and in 1927 started his job at Zhargalant agricultural cooperative of Tuv / Central/ province. Later became senior specialist and since 1956 worked as senior agro-technician. Author of many agricultural techniques adopted for mongolian conditions. New ideas of Gombo created ca 1.5 mio MNT profit / really huge amount!!!/ . As I understand he was 'godfather' for mongolian agriculture...

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Mr.Su GOMBO (Hero of Labor)

page 38. No. 109.51

born 1892 ? died unknown

born in Jeli province, China

(decree No. 196, on 28 November 1962 )

As a agro-technician at the Jargalant state farm of the Tuv (Central) province After the collapse of the Manchu empire and the consequent internal chaos, he resettled to the stable region and emigrated to Mongolia . He is of Chinese origin and since 1927 worked in the Jargalant state farm of the Tuv provine. He worked as the vegetable farmer and distinguished himself through his experience and was promoted to agro-technician in 1956. He got acquainted with the Mongolian climate and soil. Since 1943, he made experiments with the vegetable seeds which comply with the local conditions. As result, the need to buy the seeds was annulled, he introduced new method of the open air seed breeding thus increasing the harvesting. He invented the non-heating storages which prevented the vegetables from rotting and enabling the town dwellers to get the fresh onions in spring time. He had the merit in training a lot of people. With his mechanization of the vegetable farming, which was manual and horse driven, he amassed the profit of 1,5 million tugrik and harvested annually above the given plan from 295 up to 513 tons of potato. He was awarded two times with the Sukhbaatar order.

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Ed - any clue as to the significance of 109.51? Doesn't seem to be tieable to the nr 52 Soyombo in a clear way which is a pity as having some sort of tie there would have allowed for a linking of other undocumented awards to recipients.

An alternative way would perhaps be to apply the decree dates indicated for all Soyombo awardings in the book to a 1 - 430 or so mapping of awarded numbers if you know what I mean? That obviously assuming the Soyombo's were awarded in a numerically linear manner (which would make sense assuming that the full supply of Soyombo's was maintained in 1 central location by somebody who had some sense of organization:)).

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Good questions, Bob. This is just the sort of issue I am now struggling with, and making progress only with the help of our Good Friend in Ulanbaatar.

The three labor hero sets I have are:

#38 - Banzragch Es - No. 95.37 - decree No. 279, on 27 October 1961

#52 - Suuigiyn Gombo - No. 109.51 - decree No. 196, on 28 November 1962

#79 - Gombo Lodokhuu - No. 137.79 - decree No. 13, on 10 February 1966 (guess I have never posted his?)

Close. But close isn't good enough.

It will be especially interesting to see if any links between the numbers on the awards and the serial numbers in the book can be seen for things like the titles of merit. Still seeking the guy on the documented one I have http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=5056&st=14 . The good part (and the bad part) is that these "title" entries are arranged by the specific title, so there's a lot of looking (especially for one like me who doesn't know the language).

Additionally, sooner or later, it will be possible to get a reasonable count of the number of awards issued. I know a person who is working hard at doing just this.

The Sky Blue Bible also hints at the sort of information that is out there . . . .

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