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Kivalo Haligato

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I nice little badge, all of 2cm across and of 1960s-1980s manufacture I reckon (cheaper metal, nice enamel) from the M.H.S., (the national paramilitary sports club).

Oddly enough though- I translate this as "Excellent Listener"...which makes me wonder if it was awarded for sitting through Marxist theory lectures, bad Marxist poetry seminars or for radio reception work. :unsure:

What do you think?

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I went digging through my MHS stuff to see if I had more of this same badge in silver or bronze but all I have is one like yours. Possibly this is the only version issued. We should be able to narrow the time frame down a bit more though. The MHS changed the way they wrote the short form of their name to MHSZ at some time but I can not remember when. Perhaps Charles can refresh my memory? I know that they still used MHS in 1961 because I have an MHS badge with that date on it. The name of the organization remained as "?SSZETETT HONVED. VERSENY" with both short forms.



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