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Hey Dan,

Not an expert by any means, but the texture of your Memel medal that you posted just strikes me as "off." Very pitted, with rough detail, almost like it was cast, or something along those lines? The "design" itself doesn't necessarily make it a bad one, the overall quality though looks lacking to me, and I don't like it. Just my opinion man,

Kind Regards,


Hi Steve,

Quite understand. On some of these things I've even seen the "experts" wobble back and forth. That's one reason I pretty much got out of TR as it just became a struggle and wasn't as much fun anymore. I still love the stuff and the history... but it got to the point where buying you were scared to death and selling you got frustrated because even if it's something that came back with a vet that you knew was totally authentic you had guys try to tell you it was phony just to get it for cheap or nothing.

I'm just glad I got most of my stuff so long ago when things weren't nearly that bad.

I did see a couple of spots... but not sure if pitting or what. If you look at the date on the reverse as well as a few of the letters it looks like it had some rough treatment at some point... dinged into other medals or just dropped a few times or something. Not sure if that caused it or what. The background does have a rough texture to it. But again outside of books and some at John Angolia's house I've not seen that many to really be able to tell. And even when I was at Jack's there was so much to see that there was not enough time to do an intense study of each award. I'm sorry I never took this one to show him as I'm sure he could have nailed it one way or the other. I did take other pieces but this one never occured to me for some reason. :(

Again my biggest concern with knowing for sure is if I ever decide to let it and the other cased medals in the set go which for now at least is not likely, or after I'm gone if they get sold off, although the families intention is to hang onto it all, but you know how that goes at times, that it doesn't get passed to someone as real if it's not. But then again I don't want to think it's a fake and let it go only to discover later it was real.

For now I'm still leaving in the highly questionable end of things but hoping someone can nail it down for sure at some point.

Many thanks for the help on it. I deeply appreciate. :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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It seems clear that, unless we can see examples of this medal in original manufacturers' catalogues, we will always be tempted to say "mine is real and yours is not". Unfortunately, I feel as if this has been the case before and, as happens all too often, these wild theories become rules. I must admit that I have also followed this trend and kept away from any dubious examples when I bought mine. So, has anyone got any period catalogue showing these?

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I wonder, Why there is such quantity of variants of this medal? If Quantity of rewardings which nearby 30.000.

How many manufacturers let out this medal? Has anyone got info about?

Maybe this explains that....too many variants would point to many manufacturers or....to many fakes.....food for thoughts.

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Maybe this explains that....too many variants would point to many manufacturers or....to many fakes.....food for thoughts.

I think that there can not be such quantity of variants as the order for manufacture was small.

Why does not exist so many variants of other flower medals though them it has been let out on much more?

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Guest Martin Burr

This is a medal to take care with when collecting and for me, I would look out for one with the backward angled G.

Do take care to steer clear of this fake though, easily identified by what look like masks on the figures faces. This is currently available on a copy medal site, so there may be many in circulation.

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