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attributable or not attributable ?


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Hello All,

I have the following medal group (I bought directly from Japan):

1) 6th class Rising sun;

2) 5th class Sacred Treasure;

3) Boxer rebellion medal, Meiji 33;

4) Russo-Japanese War medal (MEIJI era);

5)Taisho era medal (1913-1914);

6)Taisho era victory medal;

7) Japanese Taisho era medal ?BANZAI?;

8) Red cross medal.

According the number of the medals in this group and the particular (rare) combo of awards I wonder if it could be attributable or at least if it was awarded to an Army or Naval Officer.

Awaiting any input

Best Regards


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It is not a complete guess. The Sacred Treasure was a long service award with the grade based on rank. A 6th class for Lieutenants and the 3rd class for Colonels. A major would have a Sacred Treasure 4th. There is no way knowing if it is Army or Navy.

:cheers: ~Ed

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The Sacred Treasure was for long service as already stated but it was not simply a matter of determining the rank of the wearer from the classs of award. The length of service within certain rank bands was what counted. The 5th class could have been awarded to anything from a very long serving Lt to a relatively recent major or Lt Colonel. This group is definitely an officer's group and most likely someone between Lt Colonel and Captain. Beyond that it is impossible to tell.



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Hi Paul

Thank you.

Howevere, I was thinking that for the uncommon combination of awards some guess could be done but for what I can see, this cannot be done.



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