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So much ? BLATHER.... :speechless:

18 years after we first caught Mister Ohio All Hand Snipped Brass Parts Frauds churning out his absurd, patently ridiculous Where Eagles Dare CRAP... and there are still Happy Sellers and Happy Buyers....

and it is still CRAP. :banger:

Is it REALLY possible that ANYONE online in 2008 with more than 4 minutes experience does not know the Tell-Tale Signs? :speechless::banger:

<a href="http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?autocom=galler...q=sc&cat=31" target="_blank">http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?autocom=galler...q=sc&cat=31</a>

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I'm surprised to see this type of fake on the Collectors Guild site. From what I know of this seller it seems this isn't the kind of junk he usually peddles.

I am shocked too... Rick saved me from buying a fake ribbon/medal bar recently too. I think that uniforms are more of Pete's forte!

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I have found Peter Whamond very responsive to questioning anything on his site. He sells on consignment so this stuff is not his personal collection. And he is usually pretty good. If he's not sure he sends photos to experts that can vett it. But occasionally he misses... I notified him and you can bet it will be history after he gets my email.


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Here is Peter's reply to my email about this ribbon bar:

"Thank you! -Will contact the buyer to get it returned to me. -Will add the info to my data base so I don't miss it again. Very much appreciated Pete"

Peter is very open to collectors contacting him and informing him that something on his website is not correct. This ribbon bar was sold but he will get it back, refund the buyer and work it out with the consignee. I have faith in Peter.


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