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german watch help please

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hi guys ive got this watch ive been told its german could someone please tell me more about it as im going to put it in the sale section but would like some more info 1st any infomation greatly appreciated manythanks james also watch is in full working order

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This is a German army issue watch.

The clue is in the markings. The DH stamped on the rear of the casing stands for Dienstuhr Heer, or Service Watch - Army. The Germans bought in lots of commercially available watches from abroad, Switzerland in particular, for issue to servicemen.

Its not unknown in the case of some timepieces for both the allies and the Germans to have sourced them from the same Swiss manufacturers.

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"Sixty seconds of rain?" LOL! There speaks an old soldier...

"?tanche" translates as "tight". One sees these with various numbers under the word. Wasserdicht is the German word for watertight. If "?tanche" is a reference to watertightness rather than a brand name, then it would suggest a Swiss-French contractor rather than a Swiss-German source. Dozens of Swiss firms supplied wristwatches to the Wehrmacht. many of which were fitted with the AS1130 movement. However, your watch contains a rarely seen Minerva Calibre 12 movement. The important part of any watch is the movement so you have something rather nice there, in a generic case with Heer markings. Whoever made this watch invested in one of the best movements available. However, is there a threaded back missing or does it indeed have a press-in back? The part stamped with the DH number appears to be the inner cover found on many military watches. A couple of the retaining tabs seem to be missing too. Does the movement keep good time?


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