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Hello Kay:

You bring up an interesting point. There is no way to tell that what is presently being sold with an Expertise by Herr Niemann is indeed what was shown to Herr Niemann and was photographed by Herr Niemann. Basically, this is why an Expertise is practically worthless in most instances. All that it guarantees, is that you have a photograph of an original item on the Expertise.

Well, this brings up yet another topic. Is the author of a book necessarily an "expert" on the subject matter at hand? Is the person who creates an Expertise necessarily the person with the most knowledge regarding the subject matter at hand? I have nothing negative to say regarding Herr Niemann, but I have seen Expertises from other dealers that state that questionable items are genuine.

I personally believe that if someone is a dealer (buys and sells items), and they accept payment for an Expertise, they are subject to various conflicts of interest which may cloud their judgement at times.

I do not believe that most general militaria dealers are sufficiently qualified to render judgement regarding many items. Who can be an "expert" in everything?

Just "food for thought".

Best regards,


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I don't think it is a conflict of interest,

but I am not a lawyer.

What I do know is that if you do apraisals,

you can be held liable if it can be shown

that what you say its worth

is substantially different from what it is worth

many folks have gotten out of appraisals

as we live in a litigious society

and liability insurance is expensive enough

that many folks can't afford it

for what apraisals bring in

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