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Hi, I just got this picture of some officers of Flieger Abteilung 13

One has the Bavarian Pilot badge and one has the Observer Badge if I am right ?

at least three of them has the EK 1

One the back the names are written but at some time this pic was glued into a album and right where the names are :banger:

Is it possible to identfy any of the officers by the names on the back?

Anyone has any info about FA 13 ?

First pic is of the backside with the half destroyed names

All the best from Sweden


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And the slightly :rolleyes: more interesting front of the pic !


Fantastic group photo you have there Christer. I would agree that there are 2 flight badges, however I think they are both Prussian.

I hate those sort of guys as the one with the pilots badge sitting second left ...... obviously a slow drinker or trying to avoid buying the next round of drinks :banger:

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No-- I think he's at Stupified Drunk stage... like the guy with the accordion. B-l-o-t-t-o. I bet they threw up on the ones with the rosy noses and big grins.

The guy who came back from the rest room with his underwear on his head would NOT have been my pick as wingman on the next flight out.

Top line: 2nd and 3rd-- G?tscher, Fricke. Far right top: v Samson

Bottom line far right -- H?bner

No officers with those names were killed. "Von Samson" must be a reserve officer of the von Samson-Himmelstjern family.

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