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Republican unit patch?

Sal Williams

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When I did a search for Militias Extreme?as I got this page. Is it relevant to this patch?

Best, Sal


My friend Francisco is right.

The Spanish term "Milicia" means both "Military profession" and "militia, irregular armed group of civilians".

At the begining of the Spanish Civil War the republican side lacked true military units, as they disbanded the regular army in their territory. In order to fight the well organized, professional troops that composed the rebel (nationalist) side, a lot of militias were created. Most of them were related to political parties, and some of them were created in villages and towns. They were equipped with every gun they could get, including shotguns and old matchlock muskets (of low military value, of courtse!!!), but some of them received rifles from army depots.

Most of the militia units were of very low military value, but some of them (usually created and controlled by Spanish Communist Party) fought well and could stop nationalist offensive towards Madrid. Those units were the foundations of the later "Ej?rcito Popular de la Republica" (People's Republican Army). Some militia units of parties different from the Communist Party refused to join the People's Republican Army, due to the heavy communist influence and control.

On the other hand, during the History of Spain several different militias were created for different reasons. I think the doc found by Sal is not related to Spanish Civil War.

Bes regards

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