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You really ARE evil incarnate, trying trick us like that, tricky man, you. :shame:

That is, of course,

Wolf Heinrich Graf von Helldorf, born 14 October 1896 in Merseburg. NSDAP 1926. SA Obergruppenf?hrer, Police President of Potsdam March 1933 to July 1935 and then of all Berlin.

Hung 15 August 1944 for involvement in the 20 July 1944 plot. :P


Now give: who got the Hindenburg?

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an unknown infantryman, was a postman in 1934.

As I have said, over and over again....

The HK documents are boring dross, no units of the recipients included.... but the stamps of the various towns and the signatures of the men that signed them... many were high ranking party officials, high SA and high SS....

a totally overlooked collecting niche ;-)

Thanks for the info, i really did not know all that.

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lets not forget, a simply deputy of 1934, with the right connections and a bit of Party support... may have been something very, very, very interesting by 1939... or 43... or 45.

I am sure many a Brigadef?hrer or high level Sipo, Orpo, dontknowwhato officer in the war years was the poor guy sighning docs in 1934 :-)

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  • 2 weeks later...

So far, got 'em typed up and alphabetized down through Oberstleutnants. :rolleyes:

Instantaneous "magic" takes YEARS of slogging. (Oh, the typing! The typing!!!! :speechless1: )

The RRL is alphabetized by ranks, isn't yours?

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It's ALWAYS a good thing to see Polizei Pr?sident over a name! :cheers:

I would like to point out.... I took a random Ehrenkreutz document here... not one selected for a nice name...

Imagine all that is hidden behind those signatures!!!!! On all those neglected docs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joe-- yes. But I am typing them up in computer searchable format, adding awards and further/prior promotion/SS status/death data. That's how the Research Gnomes? are able to identify medal bars and photos with such "ease" online.

Knowing that Fritz Schmidt was a Gend-OTL on XX.XX.3X born 189X (divorced with 3 children :speechless::speechless: ) doesn't help place his WW1 service or pluck him out of group photos. Done ONCE, with Everything Knowable entered on all of 'em, simplifies "easy" biographical and career searches later.

I know every single former Imperial navy officer in the SchuPo and Gendarmerie from the rank of Major up, and whether or not they served in the Wasserschutzpolizei under the Weimar Republic, for instance.

THAT does not show in the RRL. Nor does it reveal which officers carried on the List as if they were actually on Police duty had really been recalled for Wehrmacht service (which rather surprised me, as these filled in).

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