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Based on a somewhat dated PM discussion with my friend Rick Research, please find the following for your information. Please note that these numbers do not include reserve component (National Guard and Reserve other than class information as noted). Please note that these numbers do fluctuate due to retirements, change of command and slow confirmation process.

?You should post the promotions numbers and policy in the American section. I had NO idea there was an inflexibly fixed ratio. It seems like there are at LEAST that many on TV doing talking heads jobs.?


Rick ? per our inflated flag rank discussion ? last I looked these data were in effect:

Max number of flag rank officers allowed on active duty is:

877 (302/216/279/80 - USA/USN/USAF/USMC)

For Army ? this translates to 12 4 stars, 36 3 stars, 103 2 stars and 151 1 star generals.

The ratios are mandated at 50% of total at BG,

1:3 (maximum) 4 star to 3 star (but if there are less 4 stars, the number of 3 stars can rise keeping the sum constant) and 15.7%(maximum) ?super grades ? 3 & 4 star).

If a 3 or 4 star is not placed in a position calling for that grade, they must either retire or revert to Major General.

As always there are exceptions especially for 4 star officers in selected joint, extra DoD or extraordinary positions.

Unless wavered by Commander in Chief, the maximum age allowed is 64.

A 4 star may only serve 5 years in grade or for a maximum of 40 years service ? whichever is later.

This leaves Wallace (classmate) about two years to go ? his late promotion buying him a little longer.

I?m not at all confident that my class is typical but this is what my cursory examination of the statistics reveals:

50% of my class (400/800) served until retirement (active or reserve component) or death.

42% were around along enough (20 or more years to be in the ball park for stars).

16 members of the class made flag rank ?

1 promoted to 4 star (Wallace)

0 Lieutenant Generals

9 wore 2 stars including 2 USAR

6 were BG ? 5 active and 1 RC.

Hope this information is of some use.



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