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1955 Bulgarian-Soviet Mining Badge

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Soviet-Bulgarian Union of Ore Copper/Silver/Gold Mining facilities GORUBSO MADAN.

I wonder if the 1950-55 date is a simple anniversary, or an actual "5-Year Plan" situation.

Ulsterman, what does your book say?

Thanks, Rick

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Figure 16.3 page 269.

"Mining in the Gorubso Madan"

This badge shows the mines at the Rhodopi Mountains. Privatized since 1999 they are minimally profitable so the are looks to tourism for its income".

This is typical of the weakness of Reimers' book-he had no clue so just spoke in generalities.

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Gorubso - Gornorudnoe Bolgaro-Sovetskoe Obshtestvo. This is a mining company for lead-zinc ores. Established in May 1950, at first the headquarter were in Kardjali, then in Madan /other town/. Of course this was a state's mining company. Interesting that the DS /the Secret Services/ had role in its creation - the idea was to develop mining industry in the southern regions, which would be used both for improving the conditions in the region and for keeping a closer eye on the local muslim population.

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