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Bulgarian DOSO badges

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I'd like to start a thread about the DOSO badges /DOSO - Voluntary organization for cooperation of the defense/. It was a huge organization, uniting lots of different kinds of activities and thus had many types of badges. Here are a few. I hope you can add more.

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As Rick mentioned booklets, I remembered having a booklet related to this badge. It is not for the badge, it is a book for paratrooper jumps. So, I was wrong - not only glider flying, but parachute jumps, too. Now I remember a friend's father telling exactly this - in the late 40's he did together para jumps and glider flying.

Here is the booklet with an image of the badge. The entries are from 1947 - he did jumps from 300, 500 and 700 meters, with RZ-20 parachute and jumped from Ju-52! :cheers:

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