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Bulgarian Anti-faschist fighters

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Because in my opinion the owner was a commie. Could be nothing else.

He had the badge, because he was member of the Union. And he was a member because he had "fought against the fashism". Only commies "fought against the fashism" in Bulgaria. Actually it was not fighting and not against the fashism, but terroristic actions against the Bulgarian State and people, dictated form Moscow. But that's a different subject to talk :rolleyes:

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I did not know it is inflammatory, it sounds to me rather as a diminutive name. Like Gorbachov - Gorbi.

But I am not trying to say that I care for their feelings. I wrote the word without any intentions, but if it is abusive to those criminals and murderers - let it be! These people with their hands killed innocent people and were never brought to justice. Not one of them!!!! One still lives nearby and almost daily I salute him - I know him whole life and just do not want to sit and think about what he has done in his youth!!!! As said, noone bothered his silent old years. I hope you understand, that calling one of those "fighters" an abusive name is as bad as calling a nazi criminal with some name. Do not mix freedom fighters from other countries with our local criminals-murderers! There is a HUGE difference between the resistence movements in most countries - and in Bulgaria.

Kiril Yanev - this was called the street next to my school. As a schoolboy, I stood once in Pioneer outfit at his small house up the street, at the day of his murder. It was exactly now, the end of May. He had been a young man, communist, illegal partisan, killed by the bad, bad fascist forces.

I am telling his story only because now, in year 2008 I stumbled upon his true story and it is very representative for the whole "antifascist movement" in the country. Kiril, a young man with leftist ideas and very little respect to law, together with some other thieves robbed a grocery. Spotted by two patroling policemen, they ran. The police tried to chase what looked like young thieves, but those turned suddenly and shot the policemen! Of course, after that had to hide in the forests, together with other "partisans". Soon the gang was surprised by gendarmery and Kiril got shot in the fight. And then for 40 years he was a hero, martyr, has a street and who knows what more on his name! Most stories are like this. Behind the martyr hides a murderer, criminal, outlaw. And the true story of the partisan groups involves so much traitors, murders, killing and betraying each other, that it shocked me when reading such accounts!

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The point is, as Theodor shows from his local example, most of these supposed old "warriors" did NOT actually "fight" at all, and certainly not for the "liberation" of their quiet Mitteleuropean nations, but for subordination to Moscow. (Fascists in inter-wars Bulgaria were about as influential as John Birch Society members are in New England Congressional membership in 2008. :speechless: )

Political heroes are always much better to merchandise if they are conveniently dead and nobody asks too many questions. :rolleyes:

Nazi "martyr" Horst Wessel was a pimp killed in a gangland fight.

The grinning fellow on the obverse of the Cuban Medal for the Clandestine Struggle was an arsonist who may well simply have been an insane "firebug."

A very common theme I have observed in reading various threads about old supposed "resistance" members in the DDR or Hungary-- and now here for Bulgaria is that

generally speaking

the real ones (who were not propaganda inventions) were already DEAD--like the good International Fighters called back to the Soviet Union from Spain and then exterminated for having seen the outside world. Wouldn't have wanted anyone asking why so many Early Strugglers had been killed not by fascists, but by "fellow" Communists. :rolleyes:

The Card Carrying "mass organization" members had very very little indeed to SHOW for their purported youthful "actions."

Just as real heroes are inconvenient to political leaders who are worms themselves, having lots and lots and lots of Good Old Fighters (did no one ever wonder how--if there had actually been so many--history had not turned out the way it had? :rolleyes: ) around with special benefits and constant invocations to the young was Good For Business--

PARTY business.

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Back to topic: A very interesting badge for those who fought for the liberation of their country.

Hi Ed, this is exactly what I wanted to underline. I said too many things, but missed to underline the main point, which determines my views:

Unlike in Greece or Poland, they did not fight for the liberation of the country. Bulgaria was not occupied, there was noone to liberate it from! Indeed they did a few sabotages against German trains and convoys, but it was in favour of the Soviet Union. Until the start of Barbarossa, the Bulgarian communists welcomed warmly the German victories and enjoyed the friendship of Father Stalin with the wonderful uncle Adolf. And suddenly things changed with the German attack of the USSR! The Bulgarian communists started illegal struggle against the Germans, but most of all the Bulgarian state. Soon partisan groups appeared in the forests and mountains. And as said above, too many of those were simply criminals - the surviving ones used the events to proclaim themselves fighters and the propaganda machine made martyrs out of the killed ones. They killed many innocent Bulgarians. And later, when they took the rule of the country, killed far too many more people, innocent Bulgarians.

This is my point. If they were fighting for the liberty of Bulgaria, I would not say anything. But they were fighting against the country and killed many people in that. There was NO such thing like liberty fighters in Bulgaria. There were Soviet puppets, criminals and nothing more.

In the near days I will try to go and take photo of the black marble walls with names of innocent people killed by the communists. Endless, terrible list!! Also will do my best to locate an old paper with interesting jail statistics - when the communists came to power, all inmates suddenly were "political prisoners" and far too many /prisoners/ got immediately not only freedom, but also Fighter status and etc........ Sadly, in my country the left ideas got a most ugly face!

P.S. Examining my reply for writing errors, I noticed that I have automaticaly typed the short word for communists :cheeky::cheeky: Completely unwillingly and using it only as a short and no further meaning. I edited and replaced with the full word. All my writing aims no abuse, but trying to show a picture that was hidded for too many years - and unfortunately nowadays, when all is free to be said, noone seems to care...

Edited by Theodor
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