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A pair of Beamte promotion documents

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One of the joys of comming home after a weeklong road trip with the wife, and the critters, is what the mailman left behind

I scored these a week or so ago, they are for a Regierungsinspektor by the name of Robert Kordas in K?nigsberg. The first one dated the 25th of June 1940, is for the rank of "au?erplanm??igen Regierungsinspektor" which translates as an "unscheduled Regierungsinspektor", does this mean it was a temporary promotion?

These are large, approximately 25 x 36 cm

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I think a more serviceable translation of "au?erplanm??ig" in this context would imply that the holder was filling an appointment above his unit's establishment. Not necessarily a temporary promotion but more a non-substantive promotion whilst awaiting a paid established slot within his unit.



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Any kind of an "Inspektor" was more usually the equivalent of a Captain. Lieutenant level paygrades normally were titled "Secretaries."

I'd say he was called out of a civilian job directly at this level to fill wartime shortages, which is in itself unusual with so many civil service jobs vacated due to military call ups. His preliminary job title indicated that he was NOT, indeed, one of the already-on-the-job "Sekret?re" being promoted, but had been brought in from outside the usual plodding career path.

His second commission formalized and made permanent the civil service position he was in. Since the Regional Civil Service President signed off on behalf of the Reichs Finance Minister on the first one, presumably he was in the accounting department, somewhere. Taxation?

The Regierungspr?sident Scribble on the second one might be "Angermann." There were only about three dozen of these Regional Civil Service Presidents in Germany.

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