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Hi all

being a new member here I just want to say what a great place to gather knowledge :cheers:

I just would like to share one of my special pieces. Collecting Orders of Glory for sometime now I have quite a few reserached and quite a few more not, but all good things come to those that wait...I hope

This piece was interesting because the recipient had engraved his name onto the back of the award, this in itself required the piece to be researched and the story revealed. It turned out that it was awarded to an Armenian from Georgia for actions in Lithuania.



Order Of Glory III Class # 160397

Name: Aramais Pogosyan

Military Rank: Senior Sergeant

"During the forced crossing of the Neman river, in region of Alitus city of Lithuania, from 14.07.44 to 15.07.44, comrade Pogosyan showed himself as a brave resourceful commander. He provided efficient guidance in carrying equipment ? 45mm cannon and crew. During the capture of Alitus, destroyed German infantry by direct fire.

On 19.07.44 while situated in defense in the region of height 169,1 1km westward of Alitus, during the counter attack, put two German tanks out of action."

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I've never seen a named Soviet award before-- wonder when he did it? MIGHT have gotten him into trouble for "vandalizing State Property" or something! :speechless1:

He had an exceptionally (and unusually) well rewarded war. :cheers:

As an NCO, there isn't any personnel file on him-- but have you considered getting the missing Valour Medal and Red Star citations researched? That would fill in the rest of the story on his personal war.

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Thankyou gentlemen, yes an unusual and likely interesting story.

I have considered researching the other awards but like most of my collection I get side tracked on having research completed on the actual items I posess. As a matter of fact after my new lot of research comes in I actually decided to research the rest of the awards for this one and another, even though I haven't got the actual awards, but there is a need to complete the full story.


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after getting the citation to my uncles MC knowing what the medal you have was awarded for just brings it alive!! thats why soviet stuff is great!you can find out the history behind it!!! nice medal and citaction!all good!! :beer:

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