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Waffen SS Insignia From The Dachau QM Depot

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I know nothing (ZERO) about SS insignia and simply post these as part of many Imperial and Third Reich treasures scanned for a local friend in today's visit. There is apparently much tumult over "Dachau SS" insignia which, frankly my eyes glaze over and I don't read.

Rule Number 1 is to Buy The Item & Not The Story... and what we have here are items from an impeccable source, which have never been in commerce-- and which are not GOING to be. :beer:

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Nope. I understand that "anybody" can say "anything" and I am always the first to not buy an unsupported story, but these have come out of the attic from a known and trustworthy source...

absent the poisoned taint of money.

Never been in commerce, never going to be in commerce.

That and all his other brought back items have been impeccable to amazing (scattered about in recent posts). Wish one of my G.I. kin had been as discerning a souvenir hound.

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