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Some Danish items, but not what I thought they were....

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Went to Copenhagen last weekend, great city and lovely people.

Picked up a few bits and pieces. Nothing major but among what I bought were two badges which I thought from memory were Danish submarine qualification badges. Turns out I was totally wrong so what exactly have I bought since I cannot find them illustrated anywhere ????

Here they are, one in bronze and one in white metal. Both say Sporrong & Co on the reverse and they have a pin assembly on the reverse. They are just over 1 inch in diameter.

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Swedish achievement badge for swimming ;) There are several different types, depending on distance completed and they have aqua-related names like the frog (for beginners) and fish, which I believe this might be.



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Hello Paul!

Peter is right, they?re Swedish, and more specifically the bronze and silver master swimmer badges.

They exist in iron, bronze, silver gold and gold with enamel, and are as far as I know, the only

civilian swimming proficiency badges that are allowed to wear on uniform in Sweden. The qualifications

are quite tough, swimming several hundred meters (well, a couple of kilometres) with and without full

covering dress (eg tracksuit), under water swimming etc. See link below.



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