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Kapit?n zur See & Kommodore Michelsen

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Anyone know any details (or point me in the direction of) on the careers of Kapit?n zur See & Kommodore Michelsen and/or Korvettankapit?n Thierichens. I recently obtained photos of both these gentlemen, but todate I have not been able to locate any information on either.



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Post pix please. We are VERY visually oriented and such things encourage epic typing. :rolleyes:

As a Vizeadmiral zS aD Andreas Michelsen (1869-1932) is completely covered in the Biblio Verlag admirals' biographies.

Max Thierichens (1874-after 1930) had an interesting (indeed) war, escaping from China with the "Prinz Eitel Friedrich" and getting as far as Virginia before being interned for the rest of the war, March 1915. Retired as char. Kapit?n zS aD when discharged 29.12.19.

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Thank you for the speedy reply :-). I actually have the 'Biblio Verlag admirals' biographies', but didn't look in them as I understood Michelsen finished the war as a Kapit?n zur See. Obvisouly I need to have a serious chat with myself about jumping to conclusions!

Once the photos arrive I will most definately post them to this thread.



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I'm looking for promotion dates of Andreas Michelsen:

xx.xx.1889 Seekadett

xx.04.1889 F?hnrich zur See

xx.xx.19xx Leutenant zur See

xx.xx.19xx Oberleutnant zur See

xx.xx.19xx Kapit?nleutnant

xx.xx.19xx Korvettenkapit?n

xx.xx.19xx Fregattenkapit?n

01.01.1911 Kapit?n zur See

29.11.1919 Konteradmiral

21.01.1920 Vizeadmiral

Thanks in advance,


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The following information comes from 'Biblio Verlag admirals' biographies' page 492.

09.04.1889 Seekadett

12.05.1889 Unterleutnant zur See, Patenierung vorbehalten

17.10.1892 Patent as Unterleutanta zur See

13.04.1894 Leutenant zur See

01.01.1899 Oberleutnant zur See

10.08.1900 Kapit?nleutnant

30.03.1906 Korvettenkapit?n

07.05.1910 Fregattenkapit?n



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