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Identification of General and or Medals

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Attached is one of my favorite paintings, but I don't know who the subject is. On the lower right is a Commander's Cross of the Order of Franz Joseph. That would seem to place him between 1869 and 1918. However, I cannot identify anything else. His epaulettes each have two six-pointed stars. The ornamentation on his collar looks more like gold oak leaves than the zig-zagging patterns I expect from an Austrian officer. The ribbon holding the cross at his neck is blue with a white edge. Both that cross and the one adjacent are surmounted by crowns. The cross by that worn at the neck has words at each leg, but they are too blurred to read. The bottom of that cross has four characters, and they almost look like a date (maybe 18??), but maybe not.

Does the Order of Franz Joseph mean he was positively Austrian, or was that ever bestowed people from other countries?

I hope that between the uniform, collar, sash, face, and medals, I can learn more about this person. Any advice that would help me to focus my efforts would be greatly appreciated.


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"Given the dynastic link between Denmark and Greece before WW1, and the looks of this fellow, I'd say he's possibly a Greek General (wearing Redeemer above his Dannebrog). "

This has all been helpful. Based on the responses so far, I have started looking for photos of Greek generals. In that search, I have found the collar design matches that of another Greek officer of the early 1900s. That might help in identifying the other medals.

Thanks again. Any other advice on the others would be appreciated.

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"That might help in identifying the other medals."

I think we have identified them all?

Commander 1. class of the Greek Order of the Redeemer (neck badge + star mounted on right chest)

Commander 1. class of the Danish Order of Dannebrog (neck badge + cross on chest)

Grand Cross of Austrian FJ Order (Sash + GC star on chest)


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I stand corrected. That was everything.

Your collective assistance has trumped hours of fruitless and wrongly-directed research. Thank you.

Given the prominent position of the Order of the Redeemer I thought the officer to be Greek. I looked on the net for a confirmation and I have found the image below of King George II of Greece with the same embroidered pattern on the collar.


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Since making the original post, I have been unable to find a reference about the late 19th century officer corps in Greece. From the little I have found, it appears it was very small at that time. From the rank, I would assume he is one of a relatively short list of names. Can you recommend a good reference? Even if it's in Greek, that's okay. I don't read the language, but I can figure it out if I need to. Some day, I would like to associate a name with the face.


He is almost certainly a Greek Lieutenant General.

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