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I think this combination is not very common. The Lippe Military Merit Medal with swords was only awarded to members of the II. Btl. of Infanterie-Regiment 55. Only wounded soldiers who hadn't an EK were awarded this medal (only 1950 were awarded). It seems that this soldier was wounded and got the MMM first. Later in the war he got the other two medals.

-EKII 1914 with maker "S-W"

-Lippe-Detmold: War Merit Cross 2. Class

-Lippe-Detmold: Military Merit Medal with swords


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:cheers: Nice to see you've found a new interest in the gaps between real silver wound badges, Jens!

I can not remember the last time I've seen one of these medals on a bar. I've only seen THREE on ribbon bars, and two of those belonged to the same recipient.

So here again is one of those not particularly "exciting" looking, but true Imperial treasures! :ninja::jumping:

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What about this spange? It was on Zeige's catalogue, I think last year. It came with other medals of the same recipient (officer). It didn't sell the first time this bar came out on a auction's catalogue, but was sold later separately...

The order of the medals, more precisely of the KVK 2. Kl. without swords (also with the front worn backwards), is not correct, but I think it was quite a common mistake to misplace medals like KVK or WiO.

If Jens' bar is rare... imagine this!



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Notwithstanding Zeige, I would doubt that cross had anything to do with that bar. The late Eric Ludvigsen's research at the archives in Detmold and B?ckeburg found the following for awards of the Officer's Cross


Officers' Cross - 1890-1913 (15), 1914-1918 (33)

Officer's Cross with Swords - 1890-1913 (0), 1914-1918 (37)


Officers' Cross - 1890-1913 (186), 1913-1918 (62)

Officer's Cross with Swords - 1890-1913 (0), 1913-1918 (0)

Officer's Cross with Swords on Ring - 1890-1913 (0), 1913-1918 (1)

Officer's Cross with 50-Year Jubilee - 1890-1913 (2), 1913-1918 (0)

As for the medal bar, the combination is a little questionable. The precedence indicates a Schaumburger, not a Detmolder. Lippe-Detmold's Milit?rverdienstmedaille was primarily (exclusively?) an enlisted award to its own citizens. Also, the Honor Cross is the pre-1911 version with white enamel.

Perhaps it was a Schaumburger who received his state's Honor Cross as a civilian before 1911, then moved to Lippe-Detmold and served as an enlisted man during the war, but then put Schaumburg-Lippe first when he had the medals remounted after 1939.

But if I had to guess, I would speculate that the second medal was originally a Lippe-Detmold Honor Cross 4th Class 2nd Division, received as a Leutnant, with which the Schaumburg-Lippe piece was replaced at some point. And the MVM would have been received as an officer candidate.

Any thoughts?

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i?m new here in this forum.

I?m a collector from Germany, living -believe it or not- in Bielefeld, about 20 km away from Detmold.

Of course therefore I collect everything of Lippe-Detmold (and Imperial badges and medals...).

Here is a photo of a small medal-bar with military merit medal Lippe-Detmold.

Additional info: There were less than 2,000 awards of this medal (about 1,945 medals with swords). :blush:

Greetings Solomon

P.S. Sorry for my english..i?ve to train it more :unsure:

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