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i've never been able to figure out the exact background of the item attached to this bar. at first i thought navy; then freikorps--but no exact match was found. then i read the thread on this forum about the Imperial Automobil Corps.

any opinions? anyone super-knowledgeable about this organization's insignia and internal awards?

p.s. the green you see is a reflection from book spine--not verdigris--must stop using this dang book as tripod!! :banger:

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Well, it shouldn't be on that medal bar, whatever it is.

So send medals to me. :rolleyes:

That is a very odd, thick device... with a strange ring up top behind the crown for a suspension pin BELOW that.

The problem with Charlemagne's Crown is... it could be for ANYTHING from the Overweight Schoolgirls' Bicycling & Coal-Mining Club of Mannheim to the Ornamental Garden Fish Breeders Association of Pomerania.

It can't be an "insignia" with the strange fastenings on back, which suggests some sort of above mentioned weird Patriotic Wuzzit with a ribbon dangling down below loose, pinned in the middle.

With no long service award, I discount its passing obverse resemblance to Deck Officers' insignia immediately.

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true dat, but the thingy doesn't seem 'kitschy' enough for a rah rah patriotic item. it's almost like the loop on top was meant to be inserted into something so it doesn't flop forward. it's a substantial hunka bronze....and i found a link to this corps/club but didn't want to steal/post pics without permission.

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Hello Friends,

Eric Stahlhut (I like your bar very much :jumping::jumping::jumping: ) your problem is very simple, because this soldier was in the Gro?herzoglich Mecklenburgisches F?silier-Regiment Nr.90 Kaiser Wilhelm II.

This crown is a part (on top of the W) of the shoulder board for an officer and rebuild to a brooch.

Some years ago I got a same brooch incl. the W.

Your medal bar is typical for this regiment.

Here is one of my bars... :rolleyes:

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