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Christophe: MANY thanks. :cheers: I don't know where you got the authorization dates from after the Personal Nachrichten ceased publication in 1920, but that helps a great deal, since even VPP slides over the "specifics" then-- fudging the fact that these post-monarchy bestowals were actually illegal, nudge nudge, wink wink. :jumping:

If you can somehow get your list reformatted to list ALPHABETICALLY rather than CHRONOLOGICALLY that would

speed things up for the impatient

more than my tired eyes, aching neck, and stubby remnants of what used to be typing fingies

can accomplish in my own "spare" time.

In my version, I have (while trying to keep things to an outline One Line Each sort of BASIC listing) listed the THREE dates where known of "action date," bestowal date of the actual ORDER, and the often delayed enrollment in lifetime nobility, since during the interludes between dates two and three an officer might be WEARING the Order and yet technically still be a "commoner" because the Herald's Office hadn't come through yet. :speechless1: LATER German accounts quite understandably tend to refer to MMJO knights (when not incorrectly calling them "von Soundso" rather than "Ritter von Soundso" even back then) as if they were MMJO Knights right back to their action dates-- when in fact sometimes years went by and often the recipient was dead and had never used the title himself.

My short list also indicates those officers who were killed in action during WW1 (simply by YEAR to keep this "list" CONCISE) and who died (accidents rather than naturally so indicated) between the wars or to the end of WW2 as well. Since I already HAVE all of them, any question on any one of them individually can simply be addressed by ASKING ME about that specific recipient, rather than me adding exponentially to the size of the list by including every recipient's births and deaths dates, civilian occupations, WW2 ranks, awards and on and on and on...

which is what "Virtuti Pro Patria" in all its hundreds of pages already does, while "Bayerns Goldenes Buch" gives the full citation texts for their awards.

I believe Biblio Verlag has a reasonably priced reprint of BGB available. VPP, Roth's transcribed rolls for Autengruber, the Personal Nachrichten themselves, and BGB all give the complete and accurate listing of these knights already.

Trying to COMBINE and REORGANIZE (VPP alphabetized the Old Fashioned way with ? as if "oe" which throws the modern alphabetizing off, and for some printer's glitch reason, the Roth roll is also replete with waaay out of alphabetical place names, causing much backing and forthing and renumbering while pecking at the keyboard with 3 fingers) these into an outline list for those who do not have the expensive old works or new reprints is a considerable effort in time and energy, provided here as a FREE SERVICE in what will no doubt be downloaded and copy-pasted by many people in 27 seconds without a second thought to the long hours it took/is taking Christophe and me to DO IT ALL. It is not a simple job TO DO, no matter how easy to USE the final product ends up being.

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Per O'Connor - typically - the Prussians and the Bavarians were squabbling and this amounted to a quid pro quo.

There was a fair amount of petty bickering between the two lead states of the empire and this was one result.

I just went back through this thread and came across Stogieman's first post. Does anyone know why Manfred vonRichtofen was refused this award?

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Rick - thank you for all your labor on this - I will enjoy referring to this act of generosity for a long time. Christophe's listings also greatly appreciated. Thanks to you both!

Dam still holding???

Think Uxbridge cancelled school today due to flooding issues.

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So no one has an answer to my trivia question? :P

Here is the current status of the on-line list of recipients. Like the MKFVO list, I am still filling in information, including links to sites with biographical information where available.

Recipients of the Milit?r-Max-Joseph-Orden

I will also add a glossary to explain the various abbreviations for ranks and units, as well as clean them up (to make clear, for example, that Bavarian regiments are the ones identified, not similarly numbered Prussian ones).

Edited by Dave Danner
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Thanks, Christophe. And thanks again to Rick for his tireless labor.

Here is the list as it currently stands: http://home.att.net/~ordersandmedals/MMJO.htm

I have added in most dates, though there are gaps. I put in links to sites with biographical information where known. I also started adding in the Commander's Crosses, though there are gaps.


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