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Airgunner maker, Juncker or...?

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Hi guys

I would like your opinions on this Airgunner Badge.

It?s not mine, but I have the owners permission to post, and I?m thinking of buying it.

What interests me is to figure out the maker of this unmarked badge. I have a feeling it could be a Juncker (see attached images), but I have never seen this set-up before. I might just be my lack of experience thus :unsure:

What do you say?

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I don?t have the badge, but here is a photo more. Still might be an unqualified?


Hard to tell from photos, K. As can be seen from the two sets supplied, the first show what appears to be wash on the reverse of the eagle. The second set does not. This is the problem!

Unqualified "Juncker" gunner badges were produced with this eagle and wreath and all examples I've come across have this hardware. Of course, qualified gunner badges were also produced in the same style and when the finish becomes obsorbed, telling the difference is hard.

If you were thinking of buying the badge (as a normal gunner) you can feel secure that it's an original piece. Then, when you have it in hand, see if the wash is as the first set of photos. If not, and there is any sign of wash on the wreath (as per the second set of photos) you have a qualified gunner badge.

Hope this makes sense!

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Hi John

Thanks for the reply. First of all I was curious if it indeed was a Juncker or not, even thus I was quite sure, but the catch was new to me. Do you have any images of this set-up, It would be nice to see.

If it?s a qualified airgunner the condition is quite sad, and I get more and more convinced it is, I?m not going to buy it, except if I can get it very cheap. As you can see I all ready have a MM one in good condition.

My seek is for this unqualified Deumer or Juncker airgunner badge. Will I ever find it :unsure:



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Hi Karsten,

To start off with, yes, I agree, it is definately a Juncker. To determine if it was an Unqualified/Qualified version, it must be looked at in hand IMO. Much too difficult to tell from just pics on this one. I have a pic archived of a Juncker 'Gunner with the same exact hinge as your pictured version, but a normal catch/catchplate of Juncker. At least here's half of what you're looking for.


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