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Soviet badge on a DDR Admirals Tunic

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I've been researching the badges on this DDR Vizeadmirals tunic on the WAF and thought that the results might be of interest here as well. I started off by trying to identify a specific badge by its outline on the tunic. The closest DDR badges were the "OFFIZIERHOCSCHULE "KARL LIEBECHT"" or the "Fur Gross Fahrt" badge. But neither one fit the outline closely enough to be the correct badge. Here is the picture of the tunic followed by a close up of the outline of the badge.



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I was eventually able, through my own library, to identify the badge as the Soviet Long Voyage badge. For long voyage read several voyages on the same ship. There are two versions of this badge. Long Voyage on a surface vessel or Long Voyage on a sub. Since the DDR had no subs, the obvious choice would be for a surface vessel. As to why a member of the NVA wore a Soviet badge, he was probably a liaison officer with the Soviet navy at some point. I have Kevin to thank for the next picture comparing the the Soviet Long Voyage badge and the DDR one for the same purpose.

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