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medaille de changhai

Matt R

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Hello Matt

This is indeed a very scarce award, and the papers with the known origin make it absolutely rare. Since it is part of your own heritage, I can imagine how precious it must seem to you.

If you get enough additionnal information about it, it would deserve a paper in one of the collectors' magazines.



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Merci Veteran !

My Grandpa lived most of his life abroad, and he had quite an adventurous life. Run from home at age 16 to join the italian army in WW1, he took part of most of the campaigns, including the infamous "Caporetto retreat". he got wounded and also promoted to officer.

At 19, he join a local shipping company and started traveling the world. India,Egypt,Japan and about 20 years in China. In 1937 he volunteered to help protecting french concessions in Shanghay during the Japanese occupation, and he was awarded of this medal. From 1943 to 1945 he gave shelter to 2 jewish collegues in his house in Shanghay, one american and one italian. At the time, italians were forced to wear a yellow "T" for Traitors on their clothes, with few exceptions.He never looked for praise for this action and I only knew that due to yearly visits of one of these 2 men, later immigrated to Swiss that become almost a family member. He quietly passed away at age 98 year, in 1996.

I did some research on this medal and I found that there are 2 known clasps, one like my grandpa had, and another one. It would be interesting to know how many people were awarded with it.

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