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Simon F

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I have been in contact with an American SF officer since I bought some of his items from ebay a couple of years ago. Knowing that I was a collector and with his impending retirement he offered me some of his other items to enhance my grouping.

I just wanted to get some thoughts from you guy's about these two SSG knives. I have already bought the items, that are in transit as we speak, but I have little knowledge about the SSG or the training that I presume US advisors/SF give the unit.

Here are the specs, sorry about the pics but as I mentioned these are not yet in my possession. If there is some interest I am more than happy to post other shots when they arrive.

Pakistan Special Service Group: large knife 10 inch blade, 16 inch overall length.

Medium knife 6 inch blade 11 inchs overrall: both with leather scabbard and red velvet presentation case; both engraved with "Special Service Group" on blade, carbon steel, blued, hardwood handle.

Other items include:

Pakhol hat and Khyber dagger with scabbard; from the Waziri tribe of the afghan/pak border.

Pak Army working duty uniform, shirt , pants, beret , rank, emblems and decorations.

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