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Navy Officer, Hohenzollern order, saxonian - WHO ?

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Got this nice family portrait today.

Probably one of the saxonian royalties ?

He has a Hohenzollern neck decoration ( I'm improving my knowledge of imperial awards :rolleyes: ), quite a respectable ribbon bar ( which is not really sharp on the photo ) and a breast-star.

It's NOT a postcard, but a more or less private photography, done in Dresden

Anyone knows that guy ?

Kind regards


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That could be Sigismund (in full Wilhelm Viktor Karl August Heinrich Sigismund) Prince of Prussia (1896-1978). He was the son of the Kaiser's brther, Grand-Admiral Prince Heinrich, and Princess Irene of Hesse.

A serving U-boat officer, Lowell Thomas interviewed Prince Sigismund for his 1920s book "Raiders of the Deep" and Sigismund described being torpedoed TWICE while on watch--one torpedo BOUNCING off the U-boat's hull without exploding and the other passing underneath! :speechless1:

He emigrated to the Finca San Miguel, Varranca, Costa Rica, where he was a banana planter.

My late guru George Seymour obtained most of Sigismund's "Nachlass" in 1984. Presumably Thies has sold it.

Wife Charlotte Agnes Princess of Saxe-Altenburg (1899-1989) BUT the Online Gotha only shows children Barbara (1920-1994) and Alfred (1924-alive) so I'm confused by the children.

NO Royal of junior naval officer rank shows up with a Prussian Order of Hohenzollern-Commander X in the wartime published lists. Maybe Daniel's ongoing work can resolve this.

The Princes of Schleswig-Holstein, Ratibor-und-Corvey, and Arensburg seem less likely.

But then who are the kiddies? .........

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