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884 Oesten, J?rgen Dieter Gustav Alexander

24-10-1913 Berlin-Grunewald / Potsdam / Preu?ische Provinz Brandenburg

Linien Seeoffizier Eintritt in Reichsmarine / Kriegsmarine, Crew 1933

01-04-1933 Offiziersanw?rter

01-07-1934 F?hnrich zur See

01-04-1936 Oberf?hnrich zur See

01-10-1936 Leutnant zur See

01-06-1938 Oberleutnant zur See

01-03-1941 Kapit?nleutnant

01-12-1944 Korvettenkapit?n

06-06-1939 Deutsches Spanien Kreuz in Bronze ohne Schwerter (when serving in Leicht Kreuzer Karlsruhe 12/36-05/37)

21-12-1939 Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse (when serving as Kdt. U 61 08/39-07/40)

11-01-1940 U-Boots-Kriegsabzeichen 1939 (when serving as Kdt. U 61 08/39-07/40)

28-02-1940 Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse (when serving as Kdt. U 61 08/39-07/40)

26-03-1941 Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (when serving as Kdt. U 106 09/40-10/41)

01-09-1944 U-Boots-Frontspange in Bronze (when serving as Kdt. U 861 09/43-05/45)Officer)Kommandant U 61 / U-Flottille Emsmann, Kiel u. 1.U-Flottile, Kiel (Commander. Completed eight war patrols 137 days. Made one transfer sailing 1 day. Sank 5 merchant ships 12.670 GRT, sank 1 tanker 6.998 GRT and damaged by a mine 1 merchant ship 4.434 GRT. Oblt. J?rgen Oesten was removed from the command and replaced by Kptlt. Wolf-Harro Stiebler)

24/09/1940-19/10/1941 Kommandant U 106 / 2.U-Flottille, Wilhelmshaven / Lorient (Commander. Made three war patrols 179 days. Sank 10 merchant ships 60.028 GRT, damaged 1 battleship 31.100 Dton and damaged 1 merchant ship 7.995 GRT. Kptlt. J?rgen Oesten was removed from the command and replaced by Oblt. Hermann Rasch)

02/09/1943-09/05/1945 Kommandant U 861 / 4.U-Flottille, Stettin; 12.U-Flottille, Bordeaux u. 33.U-Flottille, Flensburg (Commander, Made two war patrols 250 days. Made two transit sailing 3 days. Sank 1 merchant ship converted as troop transport 1.737 GRT, sank 3 merchant ships 20.311 GRT and damaged 1 tanker 8.139 GRT. Surrendered at Drontheim)

08-05-1945 Kriegsgefangen nach Kapitulation. Britische Krieggefangenschaft im Kriegsgefangen Lager. Gefangenschaft entlassen in 02-03-1947 (Detained after capitulation. British custody in POW Camp 172 Holywood Camp located in Belfast-Northern Ireland later transferred to Camp 9 Kempton Park Race Course located in Sunbury on Thames, Middx & Quorn Loughborough-Leicester, later transferred to Camp 18. Featherstone Park, Haltwhistle-Northumbria, later transferred to Camp 300 Wilton Park located in Beaconsfield-Buckinghamshire-England , later transferred to Camp 17 Lodge Moor Camp in Sheffield-England, tranfered again to Camp 18. Featherstone Park, Haltwhistle-Northumbria and finally transfered to Camp 168, Glen Mill in Wellyhole Road in Oldham, Lancashire-England. Released from captivity in 02-03-1947)

Cheers, Fernando

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